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Welcome to the web version of William T. Hearne's Brief History and Genealogy of the Hearne Family.  This is based on the 1907 revision of his book and the 1912 Addendum.  Both editions have been out of print for years.  The 1907 edition can be had on microfilm or reprint duplication.   The addendum seems to be much harder to find, and to my knowledge, is only available here.  Hopefully putting the book on line will make this wonderful resource available to all who wish to use it.

Hearne History, Title Page (1907 edition)
1912 Addendum
Tree Diagram Insert (1895 Edition - 1.9M image)
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Hearne Research Blog
Extended Hearne Database
NEW! Improved online database (beta version).


Original Tree Diagram Added I've added a scan of the 1895 version of the Family Tree Diagram that was provided as an insert with each edition. The image is mostly true to form. I apologize for a few discontinuities in the image. I had to stitch several scans together because my aging copy is in more than one piece, and it was too large for a single scan.


The web version is organized on a page by page basis, just like the book. Each page has text and a link to a page image for comparison. Many pages have notes and cross references submitted by other researchers; the notes follow beneath the actual text. In this way we can supplement on Hearne's original research -- he would have wanted it that way. You may browse page to page, or you may follow the text and skip the images.

In addition to text, this on-line version includes an index of names and full-text search capabilities, links to other Hearne resources, and text versions you can download for your own searching. If you get lost, come back here by pressing the "Home" button, or use the Page Map which shows each page and whether it is text or a photo page. If you have a question, you might check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or send me an email.

Some of my own thoughts on Hearne's work are in Favorites

Work Status

The transcription of the 1907 edition and the addendum are now both complete, with a complete index. Only a percentage of the photo pages are complete. You can see the status of the photo pages on the Page Map

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New and Interesting

  • 3/15/07 New detailed information on page 478 about Rachel Drewry Hearne who married Henry C. Irby, and their descendants. Thanks to Betty Crockford for the information!

  • 2/11/07 I've made hyperlinks for all Hearne History pages referenced in the extended Hearne database. Now when you see a citation on a particular page, you can link directly to in in the History pages. I also added a consistent menu to all the main pages.

  • 12/11/06 Hooray! Finally, I've completed entering Hearne's 1912 Addendum into my database. This extended Hearne database now contains all of the people in the book, plus a lot more! It's now more accurate than the book. Check it out. Here is the list of names.

  • 10/29/06 (No! I'm not dead.) Check out the new Hearne Research blog. I read another genealogical site where the author said they were putting all of their research notes on-line. Why not? They're not exciting. In fact, they're quite boring. Each new find adds detail and documentation to Hearne's family outline. I'm putting these in my database. Sometimes I also find mystery Hearnes in the census, like Thomas P. Hearne and his son Walter S. Hearne in Mitchell, Georgia. Who are they?

  • 8/22/04  Four generations of descendants of Martha Willis Hearn (page 479) and Samuel Wilson Donnell provided by Darrell Dunlop

  • 7/27/04 Three generations of descendants of Leonora Hearne and  William Ingram provided by Zipra Morgan (page 109)

  • 6/2/03 Children of William and Ida Jane Smith Hearn, courtesy of Jerry Hearn. (page 590).

  • 4/13/03 Photo of Fleming Roy Hearne, courtesy of Toni Smith. (page 689).

  • 4/13/03  Additional information about spouse and children of Fleming Roy Hearne, courtesy of Toni Smith. (page 689).

  • 2/18/03  Harry Riley provides additional information about James D. Hearn and children. (page 661).

  • 2/17/03  New links and downloads. GEDCOM database of Hearne History. Research notes on merchant William Hearne's father. Hearn bible. Resources, Links, and Research.

  • 04/14/02  Photos of Elbert Hearne, Josie Hearne, Elli (Hearne) and Charles Fischer, and Robert Hearne provided by Robin Scott. on page 587

  • 03/24/02  Index complete! Thanks to Carol Ealey, Ida Olroyd, and Catherine Bradford, the entire Addendum is now reflected in the index.

  • 03/19/02  Six more pages indexed and added to the index. Thanks to Carol Ealey.

  • 03/18/02  Ten pages indexed and added to the index. Thanks to Ida Olroyd and Carol Ealey.

  • 03/01/02  Addendum text complete! Thanks to Carol Ealey and Ida Olroyd for helping with transcription.

  • 02/22/02  Picture of James Noel on page 770. Picture of W. T. Hearne on page 772. Picture of Cora E. Hearne on page 778.   Thanks to Henry Hearne for the images!

  • 02/21/02  Picture of Harmon R.Hearne on page 765. Picture of Horace Clark Hearne, George M. Hearne, and Marion Virginia Hearne on page 763. (I love this photo!)  Thanks to Henry Hearne for the images!

  • 02/16/02  Picture of William E. Hearne on page 804. Thanks to Henry Hearne for his help!

  • 02/11/02  Lost pages found!  Henry Hearne has provided images of a little-known 1912 Addendum to the book.  The first three pages of forty start on page 755, with more to be added over the next several weeks.

  • 11/13/01  Xoom "free space for life" isn't. Site is moved to new location at www.cragun.com/brian/hearne/history 

  • 7/07/01  Pictures of Susan Alabama (Hearne) and George W. Ball, and children William B. Ball and George David Ball on page 664. 

  • 7/04/01  Picture of Charles A. Hearne on page 94. Picture of Emanual B. Hearne on page 82.

  • 5/24/01  Index complete! (At least mostly complete). Thanks to Catherine Bradford for providing page references!

  • 5/6/01  Picture of Jonathan D. Hearne on page 347. Picture of Rev. Isham and Amy G. Hearne on page 581.

  • 5/5/01  Picture of Mary C. Hearne on page 58.

  • 2/18/00 All text complete! Thanks volunteers! Now you can search the entire book! 

  • 11/3/99  All text pages are online.

  • 10/25/99  Pictures of the Hearne tombstone and a map of how to get there. 

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