Hearne History - Page 345

[photo 24k]
St. Louis, Missouri.


This is Cannon Clement Hearne on the left and Susie Snell Hearne on the right the children of Frank P. Hearne Sr. and his fourth wife Eliza M. Snell (mentioned on page 335), mentioned also in the will on page 351. This is evident when reading the 1895 edition, where they are currently in Little Rock, Arkansas, and a reference to page 87 in that edition is provided. The photo must have been taken prior to 1895 in order to appear in that edition. It was probably taken in 1893. Susie cannot be the daughter of Franklin P. Hearne Jr. and Elizabeth Ellen Hill because she was born in 1905, long after the photo was taken. (NOTE: This photo appears that the original was in poor shape with spots on it. Efforts to clean it up were only partly successful. - bjc)

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