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August 1912

Page 22. The small Coat of Arms on right, should have the Stars in white bar, same as in the other two; also after Heraldic Offices, Etc., add, and Mr. Culleton, Heraldic Artist and Engraver, 92 Piccadilly, London, England.

Page 47. The data that follows, I obtained from Perry William Hearne, of Webster City, Iowa, and I believe its proper place in Hearne History belongs here. I think undoubtedly they are descendatns of the Second William Hearne, who was the eldest son of the London Merchant, William Hearne, (1627- 1691), who settled in the Colony of Maryland 1688, and from whom the large majority of the Hearnes in America are descended.

Isaac Hearne, was born in Salisbury, Md., about 1760, and married Nancy Parson. Children: John, born Sept. 1, 1788; Sally, Nancy, George, Elizabeth, born Nov. 17, 1802; Isac, born May 1, 1804.

John Hearne, married Nancy Morris, who was born June 15, 1792. Children: Jonathan, born Oct. 30, 1814; Sally, born Oct. 19, 1816; Isaac, born March 12, 1820; Asbury, born Feb. 17, 1822; Nancy, born April 30, 1823; William, born Oct. 25, 1824; Hannah, born Dec. 21, 1826; Thomas, born Aug. 28, 1828; Handy, born May 23, 1830; Huldah, born Feb. 9, 1832; Charles, born Sept. 19, 1833; George, born Sept 6, 1835, and John, born June 30, 1837.

Jonathan Hearne, born 1814, married Louisa Mason, April 16, 1838, and removed to Missouri. Children: Emaline, born April 21, 1839; Isaac, Peter, Mary, Jane, Nancy, Elijah, Henry and Charles.

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