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B. Williams Jan. 14, 1904, and lives at Mineral Wells, Texas. John B. is a merchant at Rusk, Texas. Children: Eldon Meeks, born Jan. 28, 1889; Elise, born Feb. 22, 1891; Lois, born Feb. 3, 1893; Maurice Leslie, born Sept. 7, 1895; Rombert Shields, born Jan. 31, 1904; Frank benton Guinn's children by his first wife, Fred Benton, born Sept. 18, 1893; Charles R., born Dec 12., 1896; Frank Robert, born Nov. 26, 1890, and Pope Aycock, born July 2, 1899. Besides his other business, Frank B. Guinn is a large and successful fruit grower. Children of James Kennedy Guinn: Claude Arleigh, born June 24, 1883; Robert Miller, born June 28, 1885; Blanche, born July 5, 1887; Eva, born Mar. 14, 1889; Reynand, born Mar. 17, 1893. Children of Lee Davis Guinn: Guy Crittenden, born June 10, 1892; Gaynelle, born Feb. 16, 1895; Leland Lee, born Aug. 5, 1897; Halcomb Marshall, born Aug. 26, 1902, and Florence, born Sept. 11, 1904. Lulu J. Guinn Darough has children: Louise, born Oct. 2, 1891; Janie, born Nov. 4, 1892, and Robert Eugene, born July 20, 1897. Address 120 Park Ave., East Savannah, Ga. Hubbard Gregg Guinn's Children: Mabel Julia, born Oct. 5, 1896; Helen Gould, born Mar. 26, 1898; Robert Henry, born May 26, 1901; Bula Estelle, born Aug. 24, 1903; Alice Ladelle, born May 9, 1906. Children of Caledonia Stuart Guinn Reeves: Robert Guinn, born July 30, 1877 (is manager of a large copper mine, Lowell, Arizona); Johnnie Lee, born Jan. 31, 1880; Dudley Hubert, born Oct. 27, 1887; Jeddy Coker, born Mar. 23, 1891.

Asa Hearne's wife, Easter, died from a snake bite, and 1848 he married Martha McDongald, and moved to Vicksburg, Miss., taking none of his children with him. I learn there were children by this marriage, but I have no information concerning them, or of him after the commencement of the Civil War, 1861.

Moses, next son of Elisha, was a farmer and baker; married Malinda Jourdan, and moved to Calcasieu Parish, La., where he died, 1872. Children: James D., born 1825; Saleta, born 1827; Elisha, born 1834; Asa J., born 1836; William, born 1838; Polly, born 1840; Martin, born 1844; and Malinda, born 1846. James D., moved to near Brownsville, Texas, and died soon after, leaving his children scattered in Texas and La., except the eldest son, James D.,Jr., who lived in Talladega Co., Ala., and died there 1863. His wife was Miss Nancy Short, who still lives there, now Clay

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