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Aug. 21, 1860, he married Ida Jane Smith. [2] 1862 he was conscripted in the Confederate army, but avoided service. Aug., 1865, he moved to Raleigh Co., W. Va., and bought a small farm and in a few years sold his land and bought the mercantile concern of John N. Hutchison at Beckley, county seat of Raleigh Co., W. Va. 1884 he sold out his business and moved to Wyoming Co., W. Va., and bought a large tract of land, and put up goods and added a steam saw and grist mill to his other business. After remaining there fourteen years, he traded his property for a tract of land at Sand Gap, Mercer Co., W. Va., on which was a store house and two dwelling houses. Here in 1896 he entered into a general mercantile business; his property is valuable and his business prosperous. He had several children, but I cannot give their names or ages. His wife died Nov. 8, 1900, and Sept. 22, 1902, he married Eliza V. Epperson, and to them were born a son and daughter[1], in religion he was a Methodist, and in politics a Republican.

JAMES, son of Levi Griffin and Aura W. Hearn, born June 10, 1839. Married Esther C. Dewese Feb. 19, 1861. 1867 he was in mercantile business at Frenchville, W. Va., but sold out 1870 and moved to Kansas, but returned to Mercer Co., W. Va., 1873, and again engaged in mercantile business. After some years sold out and engaged in railroad grading. In religion he is a Methodist, and in politics a Republican, and has served two terms in the legislature from Mercer Co. He has four children, two girls and two boys.

ANDREW JOHNSON, son of James and Esther Catherine Dewese Hearn, born Dec. 10, 1861. His early life was spent on the farm and getting an education, completing it at the state normal school Athens, W. Va. He engaged in many things, railroading, farming, teaching, tobacco raising, merchandizing, retail grocery business, postmaster, drug business, etc. 1896, he was elected county clerk, served six years, then became assistant postmaster at Bluefield, W. Va., on $1,400 salary. He is a large stockholder in two coal and coke companies and president of one. He has been successful ...

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[1] The children of William Hearn and Eliza V. Epperson were William Henry Hearn, Blanche Hearn, and Lee Hearn. William Henry Hearn married Reatha Atkins and had three children: Ralph Eugene Hearn, Mary Jane Hearn, and L. Lewis Hearn. (Source: Bill Hearn)

[2] The children of William and Ida Jane Smith Hearn; all born in Raleigh Co., W. Va.:
Mariah Isabella (b.6-23-1861) married John H. Carpenter.
George W. (b.3-21-1864) married Charlotte Victoria Angle.
Charles Sherman (b.3-27-1865) married (1892) Louisa Estes Mills (b.1872).
Martha Catherine (b.2-5-1867) married Charles J. Shrewsbury in Wyoming Co, WV.
Sarah "Sue" (b.12-16-1870) who married Yancy Jack Folden.
John (b.8-17-1869) apparently died before 1880 Census.
Aura A. (b.1872 or 1873) spouse unknown.
Rholetta "May" (b.1875) married Samuel Lloyd Boehm.
Thomas L. (b.10-15-1877) married Lillie Carpenter

These are the children of Charles S. Hearn and Louisa Mills, all born in Basin, Wyoming Co., W Va., which is near Herndon:
William "Harrison" Hearn (b.9-27-1894) who married Annie Wiley
Bertie "Ethel" (b.4-26-1897) married Paris Hylton, then Ben Hoenaker
Minnie "Maude" (b.4-25-1899) married first George Turner, then Bradey Marcum
Beatrice "Bee" (b.7-15-1904) married first Charley A. Townley, next Howard Mathea, and finally Woodrow W. Carter.
Eugene (b.3-10-1907,d.3-15-1997) married Nellie Gore, had one son Gonn Sherman, then married Lola Mae Reed of Alabama, and had a daughter and two more sons.
Versie "Edith" (b.1-19-1911) who married Archie M. Wood.
(source: Jerry L. Hearn)

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