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Creek to hunt up some old diggings they had heard of on Greenhorn. Here they fell in with an Oregon company, one of whom Abe Thompson, soon discovered gold on Yreka Flats, where claims were at once staked off, and work commenced in earnest. Mr. Hearne, with Rust and Hunter, purchased the ground thirty by sixty feet, afterwards known as the Pine Tree claim. Hunter and Rust returned to the East, and Hearne mined till Sept., when the exercise of his profession was demanded so often he commenced it as a business, though not so remunerative as mining. He mined again that winter, and in Mar., 1852, opened a dental office. In Sept. he went back to Ky., but returned, spring of 1853, and has ever since been practicing his profession in Yreka. He married Miss Jennie L. Stephenson Mar. 15, 1855. They have a family of three daughters and one son: Minnie R., Isabella, Harrison, and Clara. He celebrated his fortieth anniversary in the county on the 26th of last Feb. Mr. Hearne is a prominent member of the Odd Fellows and Red Men.

A note from Dr. F. G. Hearne, 1892, says:

I have been a resident of this place forty-one years and eight months, and am the only one of the twenty-one men who first came here 1851. There are two others, residing in Ashland, Oregon: Hon. Jacob Wagner and James Thornton.

James Jacob, son of Harrison and Mary Hearne, born Dec. 28, 1834; Nov. 8, 1876 married Mrs. Jennie Slaughter (nee Bickers), who was born Jan. 18, 1852; children: Louella, born Nov. 4, 1878; Clara Emma, born July 29, 1880; James Whit, born Mar. 17, 1883; Fleming Roy, [1] Photo of Fleming Roy Hearneborn Nov. 16, 1888.

Clara J., daughter of Harrison and Mary Hearne, born Aug. 9, 1830; May 4, 1848, married James W. Harrison, who was born Apr. 30, 1825; children: William H., born Dec. 9, 1850; Anna M., born Mar. 7, 1853; Fleming D., born Sept. 26, 1855; Charles M., born Oct. 7, 1858; John H., born Sept. 29, 1861; James W., born Sept. 29, 1864; Carrie S., born Sept. 28, 1866; Nellie W., born Mar. 3, 1871. Annie M. Harrison and P. M. Riley were married Jan. 4, 1872. William H. Harrison married Stalina Sinclair Mar. 12, 1878. Carrie S. Harrison married Emmet M Ransdell Aug. 12, 1883.

Warren, son of Jacob and Jane Hearne, born Jun 17, 1805,

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[1] Fleming Roy Hearne ( b. 16 Nov 1888, d. March 1940 ), married Mary Jenkins (b. 2 Mar 1895 d April 30 1967).

Cora Hearne (b. 15 Nov 1914, d. 3 Jun 1986), married Charles Thomas Robbins 14 Feb. 1933, Indiana.
Roy Hearne Jr. (b. 6 Jan 1917, d. 26 May 1994)
Dale Hearne (b. 3 Apr 1924, d. Nov. 1967)
Lloyd Hearne (b. 14 Aug 1928, d. 2 May 1996)
Floyd Hearne (b. 14 Aug 1928, d. 8 Jun 2000)
Betty Lou Hearne (b. 22 Feb 1935, d. 21 Feb 1993) married Raymond Drake
Dorothy Hearne (b. 5 Sep 1936, d. Feb 1938)
(source: Toni Smith)

Photo of Fleming Roy Hearne. Click for larger picture.
Fleming Roy Hearne. Click for larger picture
[photo 34k]
(source: Toni Smith)

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