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was born 1800. There also Fleming was born July 22, 1826. His parents soon after located in Owen Co., where his mother died in 1836. The children were taken by relatives. Two years later his father married again, and settled in Shelbyville, Ky., where he died three years afterward. The children were again taken by the relatives. The subject of this sketch made his home with his uncle in Woodford Co., and at the age of fifteen went as apprentice to a cabinet maker, where he worked nearly three years. He relinquished this employment on account of failing health, and commenced the study of dentistry. 1846 he joined Capt. Thomas F. Marshall's Company E, First Regiment of Kentucky Cavalry, Col. Humphrey Marshall commanding, and marched from opposite Memphis, through Ark. and Texas, to Camargo, Mexico; remaining there to recruit, and then went to Monterey. He was with Colonel Marshall on his march to Victoria, and was one of the seven of his company who participated in the battle of Buena Vista. On his return home, 1847, he resumed the study of dentistry, and in the fall of 1848 formed a partnership with Dr. Thomas Carter, a physician and dentist of Frankfort, now deceased. In Apr. he was won by the glowing accounts of Oregon and California as a field for young men, and, selecting a supply of dental material, he bade farewell to relatives and friends and started across the plains. Sept.16,1850, he safely arrived in Oregon City, where he remained for the winter. Glowing reports from California induced him to go there, and Jan. 8, 1851, he set out for the land of gold. The party as finally made up consisted of twenty-one men: F. G. Hearne, Abner C. Hunter, William R. Rust, William Noble, Israel Staley, John Noble, old man Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, Simeon Traver, Henry Cowen, Jacob Wagner, John Thornton, James Thornton, Henry Vanasault, George Taylor, ____Miles, ____Hendricks, Joseph Hawkins, Samuel Delaplain, ____White, and one other. They reached the mouth of Yreka Creek Feb. 26, 1851. They fell in with a company of men on their way to Scott Bar, and some of them, including Hearne, united with this company and went to Scott Bar. In this company were William and John Burgess, John Haislip, and Silas J. Day. They were detained a few days in Scott Valley by a snow-storm, and when they reached Scott Bar they found no grazing for their animals. Most of the company turned about and went back to Yreka

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