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married S. H. Swan May 8, 1879. Children: Raymond D., born Aug. 5, 1882; Charles S., born July 23, 1885; Hallie R., born Aug. 6, 1887; Augustine D., born Aug. 12, 1893. This family reside in Nashville, Tenn.

Fifth child of Narowna and William M. Hearne, Etheldred H., born Oct. 14, 1856, died July 15, 1882, in western Tenn.

Sixth child Lucilla B., born Apr. 1, 1860 married A. J. Johns Dec. 4, 1885, one child: Rufus E., born Apr. 18, 1889. They live at White's Creek, Tenn.

Seventh child, Rufus E., born Feb. 10, 1865, married Augusta Reeves June 22, 1887. They live in Nashville, Tenn.

Stephen Hill Hearne (son of Ebenezer and Dovey (Walker) Hearne, and a brother of Cyrus, Joel, George, and Elizabeth Hearne) born Mar. 2. 1791; married Elizabeth Harris Nov. 8, 1810, died Mar. 19, 1868. Children: Cleopatra, born Mar. 24, 1812: married Robert P. Donnell. Children: Cass, Martha, Lavona, Priscilla, Ebenezer, Pazzie, Manoa, Stephen, Clara, William, Eveline, and Lucy. They live in Wilson Co., Tenn.

Martha W.[1], born Sept. 23, 1813; married Wilson Donnell and had fifteen children, whose names I do not know. They live in Texas.

Purnell G., born June 4, 1815, died Mar. 11, 1852, in Wilson Co., Tenn.

Ebenezer D., born Mar. 1 1, 1817; married Esther Lee Hearne. Children: James, Stephen, Bettie, Milbra, Sallie. They live in Texas.

Hicksey, born Dec. 10, 1818, married Wiley Russell, Wilson Co., Tenn. Children: Dezzamore, Elizabeth, Atlas, Cass, Angie, Dee, Robert, Mary, Plummer.

Lenora, born Sept. 25, 1820; married Albert G. Hearne, of Illinois. Children: Pattie, Margaret, Alonzo, Thellie, Marcellus.

Wilson A., born Mar. 7, 1882; married Sallie Bard and had ten children, whose names I don't know.

William M., born Aug. 14, 1824; married Narowna Hearne. Children: Wilson B., John P., Rachel E., Sallie E., Ethelred H., Lucilla B., and Rufus E.

John F., born Apr. 9, 1828; married Isabella Scott and had one child, Nora, Wilson Co., Tenn.

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[1] Darrell Dunlop has provided four generations of descendants of Martha Willis Hearn and Samuel Wilson Donnell.

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