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1840, and after her death married Nancy E. Lukins. He died in a Northern prison, 1865, a Confederate soldier. By his first wife, Christiana, children were born: Andrew J. Dec. 31, 1841, died Oct. 27, 1861 ; Sarah Ann, born Nov. 30, 1844; Alexander W., born Dec. 15, 1846; Fannie D., born Mar. 7, 1849, married John Umbarger. Polly E., born , married Christopher Foglesong ; William A., born Feb. 15, 1855, married Mary Saunders, and lives near Wytheville, Va. Children: William A., jr., born Dec. 10, 1875, married Lula Buckles July 2, 1902. Harvey J., born Feb. 20, 1877, married Bessie Kisling Jan. 1, 1901. Frank, born May 11, 1879, married Fannie Hall Dec. 22, 1903. Joseph W., born June 6, 1881, married Susan Harden July 31, 1903. Laura B., born Jan. 28, 1883. Marie B., born June 25, 1886, married R. L. Foster Dec. 24, 1903. Alexander, born Nov. 26, 1888. Harlow, born Oct., 1890.

Rachel, daughter of William and Susannah Hicks Hearne, born Sept 27, 1826, married Abraham Miller. Julian, daughter of William and Susannah H. Hearn, born May 6, 1829, married Skidmore Munsey, and lives near Lashmeat, Mercer Co., W. Va. I know of only one child, James, born about 1855, who married Miss Clendennon, and lives near Ingleside, W. Va. Elizabeth J., daughter of William and Susannah H. Hearn, born Mar. 8, 1832, married George E. Wagoner Oct 28, 1851. He died Oct. 9, 1863. W. F. is the only child I know of by this marriage. July 18, 1886, Elizabeth married second time William S. Herron of Campbell Co., Tenn. They have two children, a son and daughter, who live near Johnston City, Tenn. Elbert S.[1] Photo of Elbert S. Hearne, son of Wm. and Susannah H. Hearn, born Dec. 29, 1834, married Julia Tickle, first wife, and second wife, Consby Caldwell. Children: James, born 1861, lives in Montgomery, Va. John, born 1867, lives in Tazwell, Va. Josie E.Photo of Josie E. Hearne, born 1870, lives in Pulaski Co., Va. Charles, born 1872, lives in Giles Co. , Va. Ella[2]Photo of Ella Ari (Hearne) Fisher, born 1875, lives in Montgomery Co., Va. Robert[3]Photo of Robert Hearne, born 1880, lives at Newport News. Va.

JAMES, son of John and Annie Chesney Hearn, married Esther Griffin of Gallio, O. Children: Anna, born 1812 ; Rachel, born 1814; Levi Griffin, born June 27, 1816; Isaac, born 1818; Elizbeth, born 1820 ; William, born 1822. Soon after 1812 he settled in Tazwell Co., Va. , and bought a farm of two hundred acres in Burk's Garden. In 1816 he returned to Gallio, O., and resided

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Notes: Notes:

[1] Elbert Hearne is buried in the Hollywood Cemetary in Richmond, Va with other Civil War Veterans. (source and photo: Robin Scott)
Elbert S. Hearne. Click for larger picture
[photo 55k]

[2] Ella Ari (Hearne) Fisher is buried in Fairlawn Cemetary in Radford, Va. She and her husband Charles Fisher had 10 children. (source and photo: Robin Scott)
Ella Hearne. Click for larger picture
[photo 45k]
Ella Hearne Charles Fischer, husband of Ella Hearne

[2a] Josie and Ella (Hearne) Fischer. (photo: Robin Scott)
Ella Hearne

[3] Robert Hearne was in the Marines. He was stationed at Quantico, Va. for some time. He never married. (source and photo: Robin Scott)
Robert Hearne. Click for larger picture
[photo 57k]
Robert Hearne. Click for larger picture Robert Hearne. Click for larger picture
[photo 93k]

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