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This page lists Hearne resources, links and research, available both at this site and other sites.

Hearne Resources at this Site

Hearne Resources and Links on the Web

  • HEARNE Genealogy and Family Roots, by Steve Martonak. Descendants of Elisha Hearn, Other Researchers, Published Works About the HEARNEs, Censuses and Census Indices, Georgia Land Lotteries, Confederate HEARN(E)s in the War Between the States Researchers, Some HEARNE/HERRIN etc Marriages in Georgia and Alabama, Periodical Source Index (PERSI), Gandrud's Alabama Records, HEARNEs in the Mug Books, Texas Death Index 1903-1940, Arctic Dawn -- The Journeys of S. Hearne.
  • Christine Lennon's archived Hearne Surname Resource Site. The original site is now defunct; the link is to the WayBackMachine archives at www.archive.org. Site contains Researchers, Heraldry, Queries, Genealogy Links, Database, Origins, Photo Gallery, Links, 1891 Tree. Note: I have not had contact with Christine for many years now. One project will be to collect the information from her site and make it available, here.
  • "The Making of a Southern Gentleman", history of Samuel Batson Hearn by James Batson Hearn, Jr. Samuel Batson Hearn and his descendents were left out of Hearne's book because Hearne got angry when Sameul Batson Hearn would not contribute to the monument he was erecting. The site's author James and his father, James Sr., have done extensive research on the Hearns in Delaware and Maryland. With their permission, much of their research is included here on my site.


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