Andrew Thompson of Wythe and Bland Counties, Virginia and Descendants

by Brian J. Cragun
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The family history of Andrew Thompson Sr., who settled in the Walker Valley of current day Bland County, Virginia about 1782.  His descendants lived in the area for three generations before branching out south and west.  Almost all Thompsons in Wythe County, Virginia between 1810 to 1850 are related to Andrew.

This site is an electronic version of a book privately published in 1994, and no longer in print.   It contains details about the first three generations.  Chapters have been updated with current research, as listed below.


Table of Contents

v Preface
viii Acknowledgments
1 The Thompsons of Wythe and Bland
2 Andrew Sr. and Ann Thompson
3 John Thompson and Spouses
4 Andrew Thompson, Jr.
5 Francis Thompson and Spouses
6 Amos and Mary (Bruce) Thompson
7 Mary (Thompson) Helvey
8 Nancy (Thompson) Havens
9 Joseph Thompson and Spouses
10 Bryant and Barbara Thompson
11 Other Thompsons
A Appendix A: Doris Harris Notes 1976
B Appendix B: Descendancy Listing for Andrew Thompson
C Bibliography

Updates since the 1994 publication:

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