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Thomas H. married Sidy Edwards. Children: Mary and Brown. Purnell, son of Nancy Rachel and Purnell Hearne, married Nancy Levy. Children: Nancy; John; Mary and Lee S., who married Mary Hawkins, and their children are Elizabeth; Ann; Sarah; Drucilla and Matthew. William H., son of Nancy Rachel and Purnell Hearne, was born in North Carolina Aug. 16, 1785, died in Wilson Co., Tenn., 1839. He married Susan H. Turner. Children: James T.; Purnell N. ;Albert G.; Ebenezer; William E.; Elizabeth S.; Stephen L.; Nancy A. and Frances A.

James T. Hearne, born Dec. 16, 1820, married Mary A. Bigger. Children: Wm. L., married Mary Pulley; Samuel J., married Eliza Brooks; Elizabeth F., married F. M. Roberts; Susan A., married H. L. Roberts; Stephen L. Lenora married Sanders Grisham; James V., married Amanda Pulley; Edward B., married Miss Campbell, and Mary married Wm. T. Davis. Nearly all the descendants of Wm. H. and Susan Turner Hearne live in Ill. in the vicinity of Marion and Corinth, and I will refer the reader to their genealogy as given on the family tree, and insert what several have written me.

Purnell Hearne, of Corinth, Ill., says:

My grandfather, Purnell Hearne, was born in Maryland; married his cousin, Nancy Rachel Hearne, and moved to North Carolina in early life, and then moved to Tenn., Wilson Co., about the year 1800. Children: Nancy, Brunetta (given on the family tree as Nector), Thomas, James W., Milbra, Purnell, Stephen L., William H. Ebenezer, Sarah and Alafar. William H. Hearne is my father, and he married Susan H. Turner. I, Purnell N. Hearne, was born Mar. 3, 1829, married Nancy A. Gill, Nov. 15, 1849. Children: Ebenezer W., born Aug. 18, 1851; Martha Lee, born Apr. 14, 1859, and Sept. 10, 1884, married Geo. W. Willard, who was born in Williamson Co., Ill., Nov. 11, 1854, and they have one child, Sophia, born Sept. 19, 1890; Perlemon H., born Dec. 10, 1861; Rufus A., born June 29, 1864, died Jan. 6, 1890; Lavinia A., born Nov. 11, 1866.

Nancy A. my wife died Feb. 22 1870, and I married Mary M. Yost Mar. 26, 1871.. Children: Mirta E., born July 18, 1873; Charles N., born Sept. 17, 1875; Alva M., born Feb. 13, 1878. As to my religious pursuasion, I am a local preacher in the Meth

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