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Levi W, son of Matthew and Jane L. Hearne, married Martha J Webb, July 14, 1870, died May 27, 1897 His Family lives near Bloomfield, Stoddard Co. Mo. Children: Anna May, born May, 1871. Gaston D., born Dec 25, 1872. Eva B., born Dec. 22, 1874. Preston P., born Aug. 1, 1879. Charlie M , born Nov. 6, 1881.

Gaston D., son of Matthew and Jane L. Hearne, married Dec. 17, 1867. Callie Bailey who was born Feb. 16, 1846. He served four years in the confederate Army, and then settled on a farm at Victoria, Miss where he now lives They have had twelve children, three sets of twins. only two of whom are now living, all having died of malarial fever in 1890, except one pair of twins, who died in infancy; those living are Julian, born Nov 5, 1873 ; and Minion May, born Aug. 12, 1886.

The ninth child of Matthew and Jane L Hearne, Ada G., married. Dec 16, 1875. John W. Pennington who was born Apr. 7, 1851. They live at Holly Springs, Miss. Children: Irene May, born Nov. 19, 1878 and Vera B., born Sept. 20. 1881.

William Henry and Cyrus A , the other sons of Matthew and Jane L Hearne, are living at Holly Springs, Miss. I believe all this family are Methodists. They are all ell-to-do and highly respected citizens.

NANCY RACHEL, daughter of Thomas and Nancy Wilson Hearne, married Purnell Hearne. whose father was Purnell, Sr., his father as George, an older brother of Thomas, who married Nancy Wilson. Thev re moved from North Carolina to Tennessee, 1800 to 1807, and had twelve children, whose names I give without regard to order, as I do not know it. James W.; Milbra; Alaphair; Lee S.; Elizabeth H.; Thomas H. Purnell; Nancy; William H.; Sarah; Brunetta, and Ebenezer. James W. married Kate Moxley; children: Wm. C.; Purnell, Joseph; Milbra; Mary; Henry L.; Hardy D.; Wilson; James P; Catherine; Thomas N. and Nancy.

By reference to the family tree, on the left-hand side, you see the names of James W. Hearne and wife, Kate Moxley. Their sixth child is given as Henry J.; it should be Henry L., died 1857. He married Ann Rebecca Patton, and they had two children: James D., born in Wilson Co., Tenn, 1842, and died a prisoner of war at Fort Delaware, 1863. Henry Marion, the second son, born, 1844, was a gallant soldier in the Confederate Army till the close of the

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