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than Kentuck's quota. When twenty-one years of age , he sold his land (fifty acres) to Mr. Jesse Hall for forty dollars per acre; he sold his negro boy Charles for five or six hundred dollars (the woman Rachel having died), and with that money, besides what was coming to him from our father's estate, made some five thousand dollars or more, which he took to St. Louis, Mo., 1848, and embarked in the manufacture of hackled hemp with Messrs. Chiles & Carr.

Early in 1850 he married Miss Kate Hiatt, of Woodford Co., Ky., and in the same year closed out his business in St. Louis, with a loss of about all of his property, and went to his father-in-law's, where, in Mar., 1851, was born to his wife a son, Joseph Carter, and in a few months his wife died, when he made arrangements with her parents to raise and educate the son, and he went to Missouri, to the wilds of Chariton Co., and commenced to work at his trade, while for three years we in Kentucky hardly heard from him at all, because of his mortification at losing his property and his pride and ambition to regain it, which he did in less than ten years. In 1854 he married Miss Mary Givens of Chariton Co., Mo., and continuing his trade, became a contractor and builder, and finally a dealer in lumber, settling in Chillicothe. By this marriage he had two sons, Luther E. and Frank P., Jr.

His second wife, Mary, died 1864, and 1865 he married Miss Sally Cowgil, of Chillicothe, Mo., by whom he had two daughters, Jennie and Alice. His lumber business prospered, and in 1871 he moved to Hannibal and engaged more largely in it. Here his third wife died, and he married Miss Eliza M. Snell.

In 1887 he sold out in Hannibal and removed to Little Rock, Ark., and opened up a large saw and planing mill at Wyandotte, forty miles south, for cutting up yellow pine, which he ran successfully for five years, exhausting the timber for a circuit of some six miles, when his health failed him, and he went to St. Louis for treatment for creeping paralysis, where he died July 18, 1895, and was buried at Hannibal, Mo. His widow Eliza, still lives in St. Louis, keeping her children with her.

Some omitted genealogy of Franklin P. Hearne: He married Mary Givens, Mar. 9, 1854. She was born Aug. 13, 1831, died Aug. 20, 1864. Children: Luther Edwin, born Apr. 24, 1858; Frank Perry, Jr., born Apr. 28, 1861; Walter T., born Feb. 5, 1864, died

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