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they had a son named Harvey. James Minos, son of Nancy Hearne and Jonathan Fooks, married his cousin, Maria Fooks, and they have children: Sally, who married J. Gordy, and they have a daughter Lilly. Priscilla Hearne Fooks married Harry Bacon, and had two children, Henry and Jonathan, who married Jane Fooks, and has one child, Sally P., who married George W. Cottingham. Betsey Hearne, daughter of Lowder, born Feb. 10, 1795; married James Fooks; children: Maria Married James M. Fooks, cousins. Benjamin married Miss Wright, and Grace married Joseph Maston. Ebenezer, son of Betsey Hearne and James Fooks, married Rebecca Cathel, and has one son, Frederick. Sally Hearne, daughter of Lowder, born 1785, married Thomas Fooks. Children: Lavinia, married Alfred Cottingham, and their children are Lizzie, married H. W. Baker; Addie, married Joseph Darbee; Mary T., married E. D. Girrell; Thomas, married L. Van Barklow; George W., married Sally Bacon, cousins. Ella Fooks married Dr. Hudson, and has one child, Thomas. Thomas Fooks married Hettie A. Wharton. Children: Thomas, Robert, Sally, who married Pounel; Martha, Isaac, and John; Priscilla; Isaac; Sally, who married Thomas Jones. Elizabeth married David B. Wilson, and has a son, John R., who married Kate Collins, and they have a son named Carlton. Jane Fooks married J. Bacon, Philadelphia, Pa., and has a daughter Sally, who married G. W. Cottingham. Mary Fooks married first, a Mr. James, then Rollins, then Brown, and has one son, William. Mary K. Hearne, daughter of Lowder, born Dec. 2, 1804; died 1883; married Henry Bacon. Children: William, married Maria Dashiell; Joseph, married Maria Hearne; their children are Marion, Vernon, Annie and Jennie; James W. Bacon married Sophia Young; their children, Mortimer and Horace; John Bacon married Amelia Beach; their children: Mary married Joseph Bowdwin, Philadelphia, Pa., and their children are Eva, Harold, Miriam, Gertrude and Charles. Other children of John Bacon: Julian, John Ella, Oscar, Addie, Ernest, and Emma. Levin Bacon, son of Mary and Henry, married _______. One son, Henry Samuel, born 1832, married E. Phillips, Laurel, Del. Mary El, born 1859; Levin R., born 1866; Granville, born 1873, and Samuel H., born Dec., 1860, married Mary E. Adams; their children: Howard and ________Henry. Thomas, born ________, married Amelia Morris; children: Fannie, married S. Kenney,

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