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My son William E. Hearne is not married and lives in Kentucky; he is a railroad conductor, running a train from Covington to Paris, My son Charles W. was a railroad man, and was killed in Chicago Aug. 25, 1889. My son Silas L, is married awl lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a motorman on a street car line; lie has three children: Harry, Chester, and Maud. My son Oscar G. is a railroad man and unmarried. My son Horace S. is a railroad man, unmarried and lives in Covington, Ky. My son Ellis L. is a printer, unmarried and living at home. My daughter Cordelia V. is married and lives at Indianapolis, Indiana ; she has one child, a son. My daughter Mary L. married Charles Elkins and has one child, Mamie. My youngest child, Pearl, is living at home and is unmarried.

There is a Moses Hearne living in Little Rock. Arkansas. whose father was a cousin to my father.

Almost without exception in the old wills that have fallen into my hands, the children are named in the order of age, commencing with the oldest. and when I have been able to get the correct age of any one I could tell pretty well about the ages of the others. The first William in America (the merchant) had the births of his two sons put on record in the public office at Princess Anne, Maryland, The younger of these, Thomas, was born Mav 31. 1691, and died March, 1762. as his will of record shows: Ehenezer, his second son, was born May 6. 1717. as shown from a record in the old ledger: hence the older son George was born a few years before, say 1715. and Thomas, the next younger than Ebenezer, was born about 1819 or 1820. He (Thomas) was left executor of the will. and removed to Montgomery Co., North Carolina, and married Nancy Wilson. He had a large family, part of whom are shown on the family tree, and some others in this history, and still others of which we have no account. George. the older brother, born about 1715. had quite a family, but of them we do not know with certainty except one son, named Purnell, the date of whose birth and death we do not know, and one son named Nehemiah, born about 1748 and died Oct. 2, 1815. Purnell removed in a very early day to North Carolina and raised o large family. Of his children we know the names of James Ebenezer (born Oct. 11, 1760, died Jan. 16, 1840), Thomas. Purnell, William, and George. James, the elder son, removed from

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