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and Hortense. Hortense was born 1898.

Albert S. Hearne, lives in Jackson Tenn., and is a furniture dealer. His son, Albert Agee, is in Montgomery, Ala. secretary to Col. Geo. W. Jones, Att'y for L. & N. Railway. Emily A. married Warner B. Maxwell, Dec 29, 1909, and they have a son named Warner Hearne; their home is in Jonesboro, Ark.

Mary Joe Ella Hearne, daughter of Wm. N. and Harriet E., married W. L. Birkhead. Susan Emma Hearne married John Williamson; Sarah Elizabeth Hearne, married Enock J. Suggs, and Lillian May Hearne married Odelle Parrish.

Mary H. Hearne [1], born 1819, married Thomas Barham, and Susan B.[1], sometimes called Sally, married Andrew Sherrill.

Stephen Hearne, a brother of Isham, lived and died near Miffin, Tenn., and had children, John, Stephen, Thomas, Isham and Martha.

Page 583. Isham G. Hearne (son of Rev. Isham and Amy Hearne), who was killed at the battle of Shiloh, 1862, married Miss Annie K. Dixon. She was born March 29, 1828. Children: Flonia J., born 1854; Wallace D., born Dec. 25, 1856; Thomas Y., born February 17, 1857. Flonia J. married Lafayette Fisher and went to Texas. Wallace D. Hearne lives in Weakly County, Tenn. Thomas Y. Hearne practised law several years in Decaturville, Tenn., and farmed also.

In early life he became a minister of the Gospel in the Methodist Church South and in 1910 was in charge of a circuit in Oklahoma and pastor of the church at Duke, Okla. He married Miss Dixie Smith and to them a daughter was born October 15, 1886, named Novella. The mother died soon after and he married Miss Harriet Thweatt, 1889, and to them a son, Cecil Yeatman, was born, February 21, 1900.

Near bottom of page 583 notice names of negroes, Sue and Peg. They are the same as noted on pages 103 and 104.

Page 589. Mrs. Aura White Hearne died Nov. 30, 1910, age ninety-four years and eight months, and was a member of the Methodist church more than eighty years.

Pages 590 to 596. Andrew J. Hearne is quite gifted in song and music and has composed many pieces and set them to music, one of which I insert, "Hear the Savior Calling," of which he writes me: "I did not make it for sale or that I might gain renown

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[1] Mary H. and Susan B. are daughters of Isham Hearne and Amy Gilliam Harris.

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