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College, his sister Viola playing a piano solo on the occasion. Oct. 17, 1908, he married Miss Mary Jessica Hunt, of Kansas City, Mo., and July 28, 1909, a son was born to them named Joseph Larkin Jr. He is now, 1912, located at Jacksonville, Texas.

Page. 575. John Wesley Shell, born 1883, is now, 1912, minister of the Gospel, located in Kansas City Kansas.

Page 579. Mrs. Amy G. Hearne, died Sept. 8, 1869. Also Elizabeth T. Hearne, born Nov. 16, 1815, married Thomas McKnight, and died 1888, and Mr. Knight died 1889. They had a daughter named Sama, whose birth and death I have been unable to obtain. She married a Mr. Murphy, and they had a daughter named Bettie McKnight, who married Charles P. Jones, and attorney at law, who died 1907. His widow, Bettie M. Jones, is now, 1912, living in Montgomery, Ala., and has children, but I am unable to give names, dates, etc.

From Albert Slater Hearne, of Jackson, Tenn., who is a grandson of Rev. Isham and Amy Hearne, I obtain the following:

William Nelson Hearne, son of Rev. Isham and Amy, born July 10, 1826, married Miss Harriet E. Hudson, Dec. 23, 1846. Children: William Thomas, John F., Isham Francis, Orren Edgar, Albert Slater, Mary JoeElla, Susan Emma, Sarah Elizabeth and Lillian May.

William Thomas Hearne, married Miss Margaret O'Neal. Children: Fearner F., Marion J., Robert, Everette and Lacy.

John F. Hearne, married Miss Nancy K. Hudson. Children: Fred A., John F. Jr., and Kate.

This family live at Pinson, Tenn. The father, John F., is a physician; Fred A., is a Methodist minister; Kate married Mr. D. Chatman, and Mary is at home with her parents.

Isham Francis Hearne, son of Wm. and Harriet E., married Miss Clara Oliphant. Children: Richard Ernest, Harry, Kathleen, Addie Elizabeth, Mary and Jennie.

Orren Edgar Hearne, son of Wm. N. and Harriet E., married Miss Mary Edino. Children: Samuel Elmer, William N., Edna and Lorado.

Albert Slater Hearne, son of Wm. N. and Harriet E., born December 30, 1859, married Miss Addie E. Kelley December 12, 1889. Children: Albert Agee, born Dec. 3, 1890; Emily A.,

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