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Hannah, born Oct. 4, 1891, and Harmon Wayne, born Mar. 2, 1893. Harmon R. Hearne lives on his farm, one mile from Richwood, Boone County, Ky., and runs a large dairy in connection with his farm. Several of his daughters are teachers in the Public Schools in the neighborhood and Cincinnati, In this good Christian family some are Methodists, some Lutheran and one Presbyterian.

Elizabeth Hearne, married April 23, 1912, Mr. John Tewell.

Page 119. Mrs. Mattie J. Hearne, died Feb. 22, 1910, and John Orren Newbury, married April 5, 1911, Miss Alice Lane, of Dallas, Texas, and went to Oklahoma City, Okla., to make their home.

Page 128. In March 1906, Rev, and Mrs. C. R. Rice celebrated their golden wedding at their home, Hartford, Kansas.

Page 135. Mrs. Priscilla (Hearne) Winstead, died in fall of 1900.

Page 136. Mrs. Rachel Thacker, wife of Joseph Thacker, died 1904, also Jane P. Hearne's second husband is Willis Morgan, and they live in Henderson, Tenn.

Page 149. Miss Lydia C. Rood and her uncle John W. Rood, have removed to near Bridgman, Michigan, and that is now their home.

Page 178. John M. C. Hearne, died Jan. 1,1909.

Page 180. Mrs. Mary Lavinia (Bacon) Fell, born Jan. 30, 1840, died Jan. 22, 1912. Her married life was brief, but all her life she was a veritable samaritan, always doing good and serving others.

Page 181. Rev. John B. Jones, died Oct. 12, 1909, and his widow now lives in Laurel, Del. Cyrus Ward, died Dec. 4, 1911. Joseph Ward, married his cousin, Martha Ward, and they now live in Laurel, Del.

Page 187. On March 3, 1908, Richard Rolland Kenney, married Miss Marionetta Walker, who was a girl friend of his first wife, and of same age, also Sremain, should be Tremain.

Page 191. Malcolm Gardner Knowles, was born May 15, 1904, and on Mar. 16, 1911, was killed accidently by the falling of a telephone pole, in Lapaz, Bolivia, South America, where his father, Horace G. Knowles is the Amercan Minister to the Bolivian Court.

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