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born Feb. 9, 1871; Nora J., born Mar. 25, 1874; George W., born Aug. 25, 1876; Amanda, born Feb. 18, 1879. Post-office address Of Thomas Jones is Sheldon, Vernon Co., Mo.

Josephine, daughter of Wm. Smith and Deborah, his wife, who was sister to Jacob Hearne of 1790, was born Sept. 24, 1813, married Isaac Rees Aug. 6, 1836; he died in 183_, leaving one son, Isaac William, born June 16, 1837, and married Josephine Suter, May 16, 1861. Children: Edgar, born Oct. 6, 1863; Alice J., born Feb. 23, 1866; William A., born Mar. 6, 1870; Nannie M., born July 15, 1878; George W., born Feb. 5, 1880.

After the death of Isaac Rees, his widow, Josephine, married Thomas Hopkins Jan. 30, 1842. Children: Paschal, post-office address, Joplin, Mo.; Mary S., (married Charles Collins Jan. 9, 1870), post-office address, Seneca, Mo.; Amanda H. married Mr. Penfold, post-office address, Linwood, Kansas; Josephine married Mr. Hughey, post-office address Linwood, Kansas.

Sarah Hearne, sister of Jacob of 1790, married Lyttleton Whittington. I wrote to one of their descendants, Miss C. Cordelia Smith, Versailles, Ky., for their family history, genealogy, etc.; Nov. 23, 1893, she sent me what I now give as she sent it. It is interesting, but quite difficult for me to understand fully and keep the proper trace of descendants, etc., but doubtless will be more familiar to the immediate family. She writes:

Col. William Whittington came from England in the first settlement of this country, to Northampton Co., Va., near Cherrystone, and from there removed to Indian Town, Worcester Co., Md. He was so small when born that his nurse put him into a quart measure and shut down the lid; when a man grown, he measured seven feet in height; he was a Presbyterian. His children are: William, who married Elizabeth Taylor; Esther, Married Isaac Morris; Hannah, married Huff; Atalanta, married Stephen White; Southey, married Mary Forsett.

Children of Atalanta and Stephen White: Mary, married Brinkley; Esther, married A. Sterling; and William , married Priscilla Polk.

Children of * * * Southey Whittington, who married Mary Forsett: Isaac and Stevenson, twins, and Sarah. Isaac married

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