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in Woodford Co., Ky.; married Elizabeth Whittington Dec. 8, 1829 (she was daughter of Lyttleton and Sarah Whittington). Children: Matilda Henry, born Dec. 5, 1832, died Feb. 22, 1868. Matilda Henry married William Wilson 1857, and had but one child, Benjamin Steele, now a practicing lawyer in Stockton, California. Elizabeth, wife of Warren Hearne, died 1833.

Warren Hearne's second wife, Jane Alexander, born Nov. 6, 1806; they were married Sept. 4, 1834; children: John H., born Aug. 11, 1835; Peter A., born Sept. 16, 1836; Robert Samuel, born Dec. 25, 1837; Margaret J., born Sept. 30, 1839; Mary C., born Dec. 26, 1841; Jacob L., born Apr. 6, 1843; Campbell Steele, born Nov. 20, 1844; Melvina E., born Sept. 18, 1846; Alexander W., born June 5, 1849. Jane, second wife of Warren Hearne, died at Quincy, Illinois, May 21, 1875.

The post-office address of Dr. F. G. Hearne's family is Yreka, California; that of James Jacob Hearne, Glencoe, Owen Co., Ky.; James W. Harrison, Sr. and Jr., Fulton, Mo.; P. M. Riley, Wellsville, Mo.; Emmet and Carrie S. Ransdell, Virginia, Bates Co., Mo.; William H. and John H. Harrison, Harrisburg, Owen Co., Ky.; Fleming D. and Charles M. Harrison, Versailles, Mo.; Rev. John W. Threlkeld, and Isaac A. Hearne, Owenton, Ky.; William W. Hearne and James W. Harrison, Harrisburg, Owen Co., Ky.; John H. and Alexander W. Hearne, Stockton, California.

Margaret J., daughter of Warren and Jane Hearne, married John A. Lewallen; children: Ella J., born Dec. 21, 1857; Robert C., born Sept. 11, 1860; Wilson B., born Dec. 12, 1865; Elcebius, born Jan. 1, 1868; Sarah V., born Jan. 6, 1870; Elizabeth May, born May 4, 1873; Carrie Hearne, borne Aug. 21, 1875. Ella J. married John Stevenson. Children: Milton A., born 1885; May Maggie, born Jan. 15, 1883. The postoffice address of Margaret J. Lewallen is Stockton, California. John A. Lewallen died 1902.

Melvina E., daughter of Warren amd Jane Hearne, married William H. Gravitt Apr. 27, 1865; children: Jennie, born Aug. 21, 1867; Nora Kate, born Sept. 16, 1874; Mary E., born June 14, 1879; Fannie G., born Nov. 28, 1880; Willie May L., born May 10, 1883.

Campbell Steele Hearne's first wife, Rachel E. Hastings, born Mar. 6, 1855; they were married Sept. 10, 1872; one child, George

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