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of Field Artillery, a seige battery at Fort Adams, Rhode Island. Marcus M., born Mar. 14, 1870, married Theresa E. Miller[1]. July 6, 1898, They have one child, David Levi, born Feb. 10, 1902. Marcus M. Hearn lives in Riverside, California, and is a frescoing and decorating artist; Winnie Vesta, born Aug. 11, 1873; Roscoe Hugh, born Feb. 15, 1875. At the outbreak of the Spanish- American War, he enlisted in the U. S. Army and was assigned to Troop "M," 4th Cavalry, June 1, 1898. Went to the Phillipines 1899, was Corporal, Sergeant and 1st Sergeant of his troop. July 25, 1900 was appointed Second Lieut. of Infantry, and was assigned to the 16th U. S. Inf. Served in the Phillipines until June 12, 1902. Served at Fort McPherson, Georgia. until Nov. 1, 1903. Promoted to First Lieutenancv and assigned to the 9th Tnf. Sept. 27, 1903. Served at Madison Barracks. New York from Nov. 5th 1903 to Mar. 19, 1905. Detailed at Recruit Depot. at Fort Slocum. New York and served there till Aug. 25, detailed as Professor of Military Science and Tactics at Gordon Institute Barnesville, Ga., Mar. 10, 1905. Entered upon duty Sept. 1, 1905, for three years service. He married Miss Mary Davis, daughter of Col, and Mrs. Park Woodward, Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 28, 1904. She was born Apr. 25, 1879. Mrs. Woodward was a Miss Howeli, daughter of Hon. Clark Howell, grandfather of Hon. Clark Howell, jr., President of the Georgia State Senate and Editor of the Atlanta Constitution. She is a cousin of Admiral Winfield Scott Schley. This is one of America's oldest and best families tracing back to John Ashe who came to Carolina 1683, from De vonsh ire, England. I quote from the record:

John Ashe, gentleman of Colleton Co., South Carolina, was a member of the assembly of the Province of Carolina 1701-1703 Went to England on business for the colony and died there. He married in England Martha Jess.

John Ashe, 2nd:

Son of John Ashe 1st and Martha Jess, was born in England and came to Carolina 1683 with his father.

Richard Ashe, son of John Ashe, 2nd, was born about 1700. Theodoria Ashe, his daughter, marriad her cousin Cato Ashe, son of Samuel Ashe and Catherine Clements, his wife, who were married Feb. 24, 1725. Gato Ashe was a member of the Provincial Congress 1775. The daughter of Cato Ashe and his wife Theodoria,

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[1]Marcus Marion Hearn was married to Theresa Elgiva Millar - not Miller. She was born in Ontario, Canada and emigrated to California. (source: Diane Hearne)

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