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and useful member till called by her Saviour to the church in heaven. In the Sunday school, of which her honored father has so long been the faithful superintendent, she found a congenial field of usefulness as a beloved teacher. Of a class of ten children committed to her care, all but one dear girl have been brought to Christ and His church, and among her last thoughts and prayers that one doubtless held no unimportant place.*

"One pleasing characteristic of Miss Katie as a teacher was her remarkably uniform punctuality, never failing to meet her class every Lord's day if it was possible for her to be with them. Verily she has her reward. During the last eighteen months of her life she was an invalid, rarely ever being able to leave her home, but she was enabled by the grace of God to bear her afflictions with Christian meekness and patient submission to the will of her Father in heaven. Especially did the presence and promises of Jesus light up the close of her life pilgrimage. Calmly and confidently she talked of her departure, rejoicing in the hope of the gospel. In the presence of a very large concourse of those who knew and loved her, the writer preached her funeral discourse from Philemon 1:21. May the grace of God abide with her bereaved parents and brothers and sisters, and may they all at last be saved__

"No wanderer lost;

A family in heaven."

C. E. W. Dobbs

A few weeks before her death she handed me a little church paper, and, pointing out a selection in it, said: "Father, I want you to read and keep this little piece after I am gone; it is so true and of great comfort to me." I insert it here, that it may be seen and read by others when I too have gone:

What Heaven Holds For Us.

I think we can see that the shades of darkness in our earthly lots lead us to long for heaven. If everything here were as we should wish to have it, we should not desire to go elsewhere; but "God has provided some better thing for us" in the world beyond,

*The girl here alluded to is Miss Hattie Bosworth, now a grown-up young lady. She was converted Sept.,1887,and united with the church, and is now the loved teacher of dear Katie's class. What a striking illustration of answer to prayer and the scripture: "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them."__W. T. H.

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