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Mary Elizabeth, born Aug. 28, 1866; James William, born Nov. 29, 1868; Henry Benjamin, born July 27, 1870; Thomas Albert, born Sept. 13, 1874. Elijah Edwin, born Mar. 21, 1876. Mr. Freney is a prosperous farmer, real estate and lumber dealer in the suburbs of Delmar, Del, The family all attend the Methodist church, of which most of them are members. Mary Elizabeth, usually called Minnie, married, Dec. 26, 1894, Mr. Harry T. Hickey, freight and agent at Delmar. James William is principal of the Delmar Grammar school, and is also engaged in farming and a dealer in fertilizers. Henry Benjamin was graduated from Dickinson College June, 1894, and is now professor of chemistry in Pennington Seminary, New Jersey. Mrs. Ellen Frenev died Oct. 19, 1905, ancl Mr. Elijah Freeney died spring of 1906.

James William Frenev married Miss Anna Gordey Oct. 20. 1896.

Mr. Elijah Freney, who lived on a farm adjoining and south of Delmar, but in Somerset Co., Md., married Mary Ellen Fooks. who is a descendant of Thomas Hearne, the youngest son of William Hearne, the merchant. I made them a visit May, 1895, when they had just received a copy of the History, which stated that Mary Hearne, daughter of the second William, married Freney. Mr. Elijah Freney at once said to me: “Those were my great-grandparents, and it was John Freney who married Mary Hearne, and the land here that I own, where we now are, is the land first taken up in America by William Hearne, and named by him ‘St. Kitt’s’ for the place from which he came, St. Christopher’s, and also a tract called ‘Stains,’ for which his son Thomas afterwards obtained grants from England.” Those old grants (the originals on parchment, with the old English wax seals) be got out and showed me: they surely have a very old and quaint appearance, and have been inserted in history. The wills of William and Thomas Hearne devise these two tracts of land to their children. and Mr. Freney took me around and showed me the entire tracts, and also the graves of all the older members of the family. Mr. Freney’s residence is on the tract “St. Kitt’s,” and about a quarter of a mile from it is the site of the residence of the merchant William, and very near to it is the first burying ground, where are buried the merchant William and his wife Mary, and their son Thomas, who lived and died

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