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Service (weather observer) for the past eight years. Sept. 13, 1881, he married Katie Sherman, who was born in Calif., Mar. 11, 1858. One child, Sarah Luzette, born at Portland, Oregon, Nov. 29, 1884. Martin L., the father, died Mar. 12, 1896.

Esther, or Hester, daughter of Isaac and Eleanor (Hastings) Hearne, was born July 29, 1813; in 1832 married Thomas Hearne, son of William and Polly (Mary) Hearne, They lived on a farm in Maryland, near the Delaware line; children: Amanda, born Aug. 10, 1834; William Wynder, born June 6, 1836; Mary Ellen, born Mar. 8, 1842; Eliza Jane, born May 27, 1844; Lavinia, born Sept. 12, 1848; Laura Esther, born Feb. 27, 1852; George W., born Aug. 21, 1854; Elizabeth, born Oct 19, 1857; Amanda, Lavinia and Elizabeth are now dead. Amanda married Isaac Nickols; children: George W., Isaac, James, Charles, Laura and Louisa. William Wynder married Eliza Jenkins; children: Rosa, Emory, Thomas and Ida. Mary Ellen married Benjamin Harvey Hearne; children: Edith, Marion and Lillie. Eliza Jane married Thomas S. Hearne[1] (born 1836, died April 19, 1893[2]), brother of Benjamin Harvey; children: Ernest A., born June, 1870; Haney W., born Aug. 10, 1872; William Thomas, born Aug. 15, 1874; Mary Elizabeth, born Dec. 31, 1876[3]; Dallas H. Photo of Dallas H. Hearne, born Sept. 21, 1885[4]. These all live In Salisbury, Md., except William Thomas, who, on April 16, 1903, married Miss Mary E. Jones, and lives in Snow Hill, Maryland. Lavinia married William N. Hearne; children: Nora, Herbert W., Annie M. and William Ray. George W. married Miss Lena Hill; children: Clara M., Albert Hill and Ruth Esther. Elizabeth married Thomas Steplean[5] and bad one child named William. Mr. Steplean died and she married John Goslee, and died four years after, leaving two daughters, Edna M. and Florence E.

Ebenezer Hearne, son of Jonathan, who died in 1794, went to Texas in early life and we have no trace of him, but some one of the numerous families in Texas are doubtless his descendants.

Samuel Hearne, son of William and Elizabeth and grandson of William, who died in 1691, died in either Delaware or Maryland, June, 1803; his will is on record at Princess Anne, Maryland, and bears date of Dec. 24, 1802, and was probated July 8, 1803, and, as the custom still obtains in the East to probate most all wills within twenty days after death, we conclude that he died June, 1803. I have not been able to obtain the date of his birth, and we can only

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Dallas H. Hearne
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Contributed by John L. Davis.

[1] Correct date of marriage was February 11, 1888. (Source: Elizabeth Anne (Hearn) Hensel)

[2] Elizabeth Anne (Hearn) Hensel believes this date is really 1895.

[3] Elizabeth Anne (Hearn) Hensel believes this date is really December 30, 1876.

[4] Elizabeth Anne (Hearn) Hensel believes this date is really September 24, 1885

[5] Should be Stephens. (Source: Elizabeth Anne (Hearn) Hensel)

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