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born Feb. 1795, died 1826; in 1809 married James Fooks, who was born June 9, 1778, and died 1843. Children: Eliza, barn Aug. 16, 1811, died 1892; married 1832 Benjamin Sharpe Nelson, Seaford, Del. Maria, born Feb. 13, 1813; married 1834, James Minos Fooks, who was born Aug. 5, 1808; died 1863. Mary Ann, born Oct. 14, 1814, married 1840, Handy Fooks. Ebenezer Hearne, born Oct. 18, 1819, married 1842, Rebecca Cathell.

Children of James Minos and Maria Fooks: Jonathan James, born June 11, 1835; married 1871, Mary E. Parsons. Ann Elizabeth, born September 17, 1836: married Dec. 7, 1853, Samuel Thomas Williams, Salisbury, Maryland. Mr. Williams was a large and successful merchant for many years in Salisbury, till his health failed and his physician advised him to retire and go on a farm, which he did, and remained seven years and was fully restored, weighing now nearly two hundred pounds, but not quite as much as his wife, for she goes above two hundred. Mr. Williams, his wife, daughter, second grandson and sister-in-law, Marietta Fooks, are all members of the Methodist Protestant church, The daughter, Mrs. Ida T. Trader, is a graduate of the Western Maryland College, of Westminster, Carroll Co., Md. The family are all possessed of a fine musical talent. Third child, Maria Ellen, born Mar. 9, 1839, married Jan. 9, 1861, Elijah Freney, Detmar, Del. Fourth child, Minos Henry, born Sept. 25, 1841, married 1871, Myra Mumford, New York. Sixth child, Marietta, born Oct. 29, 1846, lives in Salisbury, Md.

Children of Handy and Mary A. Fooks: Daniel Edwin, born Nov. 4, 1841, died 1877. Mary Ellen, born Aug. 18, 1843, died 1862.

Children of Ebenezer and Rebecca (Cathell) Fooks: Frederick E., born Feb., 1849; 1874 married Ella Starchman; one child, Walter Melvin, born 1875.

Samuel T. and Elizabeth (Fooks) Williams have only one child, Ida Thomas, born Apr. 15, 1855; Apr. 14, 1880, married William A. Trader, Salisbury, Md. Children: Arthur, born Sept. 4, 1881, Samuel Mines Fooks, born Oct. 9, 1883; Mary Elizabeth, barn Dec. 23, 1884; Winifred Davis, barn Oct. 26, 1886; Meriam Williams, born Nov. 16, 1891.

Children of Elijah and Mary Ellen (Fooks) Freney: Rosalia, born May 24, 1863; Tillie M., born Oct. 5, 1864; Minnie or

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