Maryland Bloxom Daugherty Farm Cemetery #39 Annotated

Tombstone inscriptions as published in The Maryland and Delaware Genealogist, Vol. VIII, No. 1, January 1967 & Vol. VIII, No. 2, April 1967, Raymond B. Clark, Editor. Original USGenWeb Transcription by Mrs. Hubert Tharp, Route 1, Box 87, Seaford, Delaware 19973

Corrected and annotated (italics) by James Hearn and Brian Cragun. Photo images by James Hearn.

Annotations include:

See also Hearne History, by Wm. T. Hearn, 1907 edition, pg. 47, Elijah Hearne's children.

Cemetery #39, Ref: James Hearn's map of Little Creek Hundred, located on Laurel to Delmar road, about 1-1 1/4 miles north of Delmar, Del. on Rt. 13A. (Referred to as the Cemetery on Bloxom Daugherty Farm.) This cemetery is where the parents of Jonathan Alfred Hearn, previously owner of the farm there, are buried and was set aside as a burial ground for the purpose of burying relative and friends of the family in 1884 by Jonathan when he died in that year. It's all stated in his will. Ref:RG 4545.009, roll #107, Jonathan A. Hearn 1884-1885. It is currently surrounded by farming equipment in the center of which is a group of small trees where the cemetery is located. It is 1/4 acre, as stipulated in Jonathan's will.

Beach, Barney, b. June 15, 1827, d. February 8, 1909.

Beach, Margaret D., wife of Barney Beach, d. August 6, 1865, age 35 years, 9 months, 4 days.

Beach, Sydney B., son of Isaiah and Irena Beach, b. November 9, 1863, d. June 23, 1926, age 62 years. [image 163k]

Culver, Jennie, wife of J.W. Culver of E., b. February 18, 1870, d. May 2. 1902, age 33 years, 2 months, 16 days. *( died May 4 not May 2 and age was 32 not 33.) [image 201k]

Gray, G. F., d. June 12, 1910, age 48 years. [image 180k]

Hastings, Miranda C., wife of Stephen G. Hearn, b. April 3, 1850, d. Feb. 23, 1883.

Hearn, Mary E., d. March 18, 1926, age 78 years. [image 195k]

Hearn, Addie, 1859-1928. [image 207k]

Hearn, Frances E., March 31, 1854-October 11, 1926. [image 207k]

Hearn, Isaac, July 25, 1847-January 29, 1936. [image 207k]

Hearn, Jonathan of S., b. January 9, 1809, d. April 6, 1895. *( This is Jonathan of S.; Note: His will was probated Oct. 20, 1884.) [image 192k]

Hearn, Julia Ann, wife of Barney Beach, b. Dec.28, 1828, d. Feb.18, 1909

Hearn, Martha W., wife of Luther M. Hearn, b. Aug. 8, 1853, d. July 1886. *( July 12, 1886.) [image 153k]

Hearn, Minnie S., March 14, 1880 - January 14, 1957. *(Original transcript says “5” instead of S)

Hearn, Miranda C, 1854-1885. *( It's 1883 not 1885.) [image 207k]

Hearn, Patrick H., Dec. 27, 1874- July 4, 1953.

Hearn, Ruth E., Dec. 29, 1908- Sept. 20, 1920.

Hearn, Stephen G., 1844- (rest is blank) *(Original transcript incorrectly lists as Samuel.) [image 207k]

Hearn, Samuel T., July 26, 1843- Oct. 7, 1920. [image 147k]

Hearn, Sarah E., wife of Jonathan Hearn, b. Sept. 1827, d. Jan. 1912. *( This is Jonathan Hearn of S.; original transcript incorrectly lists as Sarah F.) [image 138k]

Irvine, Gertrude, dau. of Stephen G. Hearn, Nov. 3, 1878- June 3, 1915. *( Original transcript incorrectly lists Nov 13.) [image 203k]

Hultz, Eliza E., dau. of George J. & Mary, June 17, 1891-Sept. 1891. *(daughter of George J. & Mary E., transcript incorrectly lists as Eliza F.) [image 140k]

Hultz, George J., b. Sept. 5, 1826, d. Feb. 23, 1909, age 82 years, 5 mos., 18 days. *( Original transcript incorrectly lists middle initial as T.) [image 170k]

Hultz, Mary E., d. Aug. 1918, age 74 years. [image 156k]

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